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WABC is the flagship station of ABC Radio Networks (which itself was eventually subsumed into Westwood One in 2012), which syndicates the show nationally.From 2007 to August 2009, the show was simulcast on television nationwide on RFD-TV and rebroadcast each evening on RFD HD in high-definition.The program was a huge success on cable news for quite a while.Bohrman (who Imus referred to as "Moosebutt") produced the first few dozen programs, then hired Terry Irving to become the day-to-day Executive Producer of the television version of the program.WNBC signed off in October 1988, and WFAN decided to retain Imus, replacing its original morning drive-time show hosted by Greg Gumbel.

Imus in the Morning program returned to the morning drive on New York radio station WABC on December 3, 2007.

It was later syndicated to 60 other stations across the country by the original Westwood One, a division of CBS Radio, airing weekdays from to 10 am Eastern time.

Beginning September 3, 1996, the 6 to 9 am portion was simulcast on the cable television network MSNBC.

Cameras were installed in the WFAN radio studio, and remotely controlled from MSNBC headquarters in New Jersey.

One of the unique features of the first few years of the program was that the television version's commercials and the radio commercials happened at different times, which allowed TV viewers a voyeuristic view of Imus and his team getting ready for the next segments.

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