Cambodian sexual harassment laws

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The study combined quantitative survey data from 1,287 workers across 52 factories, with 25 qualitative interviews and 9 focus groups conducted in a variety of different living and working environments.

28.6% of women reported experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace and 16.5% of women reported experiencing sexual harassment outside the factory.

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The training not only demonstrates the procedures in the policy, it encourages workers to listen to and support each other, and take the message that “sexual harassment stops here” out into their communities.The availability of work for women in the garment sector is giving more women opportunities to gain economic resources.It is also changing the social fabric of Cambodia, with so many migrating to take up these jobs.While there have been significant gains in terms of increases to the minimum wage in recent years, women reported making USD 145/month compared to USD 161 for male workers.Although they make up 85% of the garment workforce, women take up less than 4% of line leader or office roles.

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