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Don't Fool Yourself When It's Not Right So, things aren't clicking with this sweet guy who keeps calling you. Things like chemistry and fate and all the rest actually exist.

You don't need to flip out if you're seeing a guy who's really nice to you and you're not attracted to him.

If it's good, you've just run the risk of falling hard for a guy you don't know at all.

And if he's not the right guy, no amount of restraint or adherence to a rule book or chumminess with his friends will ever get him to like you.

Once a woman understands the basics of when to call a man, she'll find this part of the dating maze easy to navigate.

One of the fundamental dating phone call rules that every woman should follow is not to call the man she's dating too often.

If you do call, at his suggestion, and it goes to voicemail, leave a short message and don't call back.

This is another of the dating phone call rules that women constantly break.

They try and reach the man they are involved with and when he doesn't respond right away, they leave message after message.

Think of it as a response to all the misinformation you get from dating books: the ones that tell you not to call him because if you seem interested, he'll shy away.

The ones that tell you to settle for a man who makes half as much as you do and smells like that gross, kind of sweet smell that air conditioners make when you pass them on the street in the summertime, because if you don't, you'll die alone.

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