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A couple of serial numbers have been submitted that are missing the first letter. For example, a 710 frame made with Columbus tubing instead of 531. The last letter might be a run designation, with the last two numerals the frame number in that run? Hence the change to the sequential system that was started in late 1980.

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These frames may be related to the M and N leading serial number bikes in the section above. Trek used this form of serial number (leading O "oh") for their custom-made 950 frames.At some time late in each year (beginning generally September or October) the frames produced were created from designs, and painted with colors, for the next year. In this case I used a red candle to make the serial number stand out."Rub the area with candle wax of a color that contrasts with your paint. Note that even with the serial number filled with wax, the leading "0" is almost imperceptible."Before late 1980, Trek used an alphanumeric serial number scheme.It is likely these frames, SNs beginning with M or N (Models 41x and 61X), were contracted out or were made in a separate Trek facility, and were given the old serial number form so as not to interfere with the sequential numbers being assigned by Trek in their main shop, which began in late 1980.This variation to the SN system may have been done to extend the numbering system.

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