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You can read more about munches here: The BDSM Munch Another option for meeting a femdom in “real life” would be to attend fetish nights at local clubs, fetish parties, or even related conventions.Basically, you have to increase your odds by putting yourself into situations where a femdom might be, but also in a situation where you’ll be able to recognize her as such either by her clothing or how she conducts herself. If you don’t feel like answering a creepy newspaper ad or paying for an encounter, you’d best give a femdom dating site a chance.You could travel, New York City and San Francisco spring immediately to mind as destinations with thriving gay BDSM scenes, but for many the cost and time demands are just too much to make pilgrimages a viable solution, particularly if you’re looking for something on a regular basis.

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Take a look at Gay BDSM Date for example, and what you’ll find is a purpose-built site that caters to men who want to have BDSM experiences with other men.

No sifting through women in corsets, no posers who have checked a profile box because one time in college their boyfriend held them down during sex, just real gay men who have chosen to join this dating site specifically dedicated to the gay BDSM community.

These are basically just dating sites that have marketed themselves to people interested in BDSM or particular fetishes, and can offer an excellent way to meet lots of femdoms and local domme women with little effort.

You are still going to have to woo that goddess, but at least you have found her and others like her!

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