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I would use its built-in GPS to record outdoor runs, let it monitor my tossing and turning each night while I slept, and feel its vibrations every time it received a notification from my smartphone.It also vibrated every so often to remind me to move.In typical use, the battery can last up to three weeks. Even the Fitbit line of products, which have excellent battery life on average, typically last no more than 10 days.If you're training for an ultramarathon, know that in GPS mode, the Vivoactive will only last 10 hours.It makes sense to use tactile feedback with a device that's on your skin.When a notification comes to your Vivoactive from a Bluetooth-connected Android or i OS device, the watch vibrates and displays the alert.

Sight, Sound, and Touch I love how much you can customize the watch face, a feature I also appreciate in the Fitbit Surge.I also added a stopwatch and a heart rate variability (HRV) test, which requires a connected HRM.The Connect IQ store is in its infancy, with only a handful of apps available, some shoddy proofreading in the descriptions, and sometimes mixed messages as to whether an app installed successfully.The 1.13-by-0.80-inch display (a memory-in-pixel, reflective LCD) is always on, making the Vivoactive a perpetual wristwatch.Without the wrist straps, the device itself measures 1.72 by 1.52 by 0.32 (HWD) inches and weighs just 0.63 ounces. Trust me when I say it's thin and light When you buy a Garmin Vivoactive, you have a few options.

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