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This is exactly the same mentality Denis has and his focus is 100% related to the client’s satisfaction.” said Yuliya Kuneyeva, Co-founder and Marketing Director of My Partner Forever.Kuneyeva added “We already have a few clients who traveled to Pskov to meet the women who they been corresponding with and it looks as we have created another happy couple.If a review sounds negative, but a little "fuzzy", you may need to read a little between the lines.These reviews of Russian dating sites were accurate when they were initially written, and I attempt to keep them up to date, but prices, service offerings, and other details often change without my knowledge.Together, they offer the required services so men from any region of the world can meet face to face with single women from Moscow, Pskov or St Petersburg.

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Navigating the Russian dating sites and agencies should be a scary prospect for someone new to pursuing Russian and Ukrainian women.

Get a visa, travel to Russia and you may very well be on the way to find that special woman you’ve been looking for.” About My Partner My Partner was founded in 2007 and is incorporated in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It specializes in introducing single Russian women seeking a foreign husband to men from all over the world.

Our online service "", headed by the Russian lawyer and PI Michael Muinov, specializing in background checks on Russian people, can screen any person who lives in ex-USSR countries. She says that she must have 00.00 in cash to show she can afford to travel.

Pskov is located 20 km from the Estonia border, 40 km from Latvia and 150 km from St Petersburg. 205,000 and it is one of the oldest cities in Russia.

It offers lots of interesting sightseeing, including many ancient cathedrals from the medieval period.

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