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Safer sex through the use of condoms became a hallmark of print advertisements, billboards, and posters beginning in the late 1980s.The images below symbolize an important advance beyond the simple messages about how HIV is transmitted, or who is at risk, by explaining how to prevent infection.High rates of sexually transmitted diseases In the last several years, rates of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) has grown dramatically in the Russian Federation.Sexually transmitted diseases have risen by a factor of up to 60 times the levels they were in 1990, and HIV from 23 persons in 1987 to over 8000 today. Sexually transmitted diseases and abortion, both preventable with safe sex, are contributors to infertility and the declining birth rate. The survey among 15 - 25 year old Muscovite youth revealed that, although they know the modes of transmission of HIV, important misconceptions still exist.The San Francisco AIDS Foundation's "Rubberman Campaign" began in June 1990 at the annual San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Day Parade and Celebration.Organizers created "Rubberman" as a multimedia campaign and combined it with grassroots street programs.The attention drawn by this incident in national and international media generated a wave of welcome publicity with regards to the public debate on sexual health and HIV/AIDS in Russia.

While some may advocate abstinence for prevention, this represents an idealistic, not realistic solution for millions of young persons.Complementing public service announcements developed for television networks, which stressed the role of condoms in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS, print media provided a crucial educational forum.By offering candid information, addressing specific populations, and using a variety of sophisticated marketing techniques borrowed from commercial advertising, print images effectively promoted safe sex and condom use at a time when a longstanding taboo against paid condom advertising on television continued to limit ads to late-night time slots.Moscow The Safe Sex campaign of MSF, which was launched in June 1997, has been well received by young Muscovites.A recent survey reports that Moscow's' young people like the campaign ' Safe Sex My Choice' and that they consider information like this very important.

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