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A) Go out with a close friend before, somewhere close to your date.This is an excellent way to forget about how anxious you are, loosen up, and get some support. A post shared by Zara Barrie (@zarabarrie) on Zara gets it. Always fucking torn between two vastly different options, always wanting BOTH, always wanting the best parts of both and always wanting to ditch the shitty (real) parts.

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And now the next set of stars to be taken under the wings of dating experts Nadia Essex and Eden Blackman have been unveiled.

Dayna is passionate about writing essays that focus on lesbian dating, beauty fashion and her badass bionic arm.

Dayna has an MFA in poetry from Hofstra University, where she also taught Creative Writing.

Your friend can even walk you to the bar you’re having your date at.

Getting some human interaction with someone you know and love will get you out of your head and ease you into the date. Try it with me: In through the nose, out through the mouth. Whoever I’m dating is going to eventually find out that I’m the queen of anxiety anyway, so why not just be honest?

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