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George sits on Good Morning America with his arms folded in front of his chest, looking very closed off.

Frankly, I don't know why they've left George on Good Morning America as long as they have.

And while he's at it he could get that smirk permanently erased. I've thrown a lot of shade at him here, but I really like him and aspire to be the cut throat bitch that he is one day. I can't really describe what he smells like, but it is amazing and very masculine. I didn't wash my sheets for like three days after we fucked, because they smelled like him.

He really has it all, fabulous thick hair, the job he wants, and his fine ass man Gio can suck his dick at lunch time. I wonder if David does come out, will that make Gio feel the need to come out as well?

George has always been the weak link on that show, something that was extremely evident while Robin Roberts was on medical leave.

George does an excellent job as the Washington expert, is extremely credible.

GMA was still in Today's shadow during all the years Diane and Charlie were hosts and remained so even after Charlie left and Robin was moved up to co-anchor with Diane.

It was only AFTER the whole Ann Curry debacle at Today that GMA was able to pull ahead and (so far) stay ahead, so giving credit to Diane (as they do in that article) is just ludicrous. Muir is more personable and likeable on the air but the bar at ABC is pretty low. Muir is more like an Anderson Cooper cable news type.[quote]David used to come off as smarmy, but he seems to have lost that on camera recently (media training helps with that).

George is just biding his time there and won't go down without a fight. David used to come off as smarmy, but he seems to have lost that on camera recently (media training helps with that).

Even Matt Lauer, as stuffy as he is, is still willing to go all out for the Today show (like on the Halloween shows every year).[quote]Robin Roberts is the reason GMA is what it is today.

If not all the credit, she certainly deserves more of it than Diane Sawyer, who deserves none at all.

She's a pathetic junkie.[quote]David is far better than George Stephanopoulos, who despite media training still comes across as stiff and distant on camera.

George never seems like he's very happy on GMA and clearly has told them there are certain things he won't do in order to maintain the facade that he's a serious journalist.

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